Leah P. New Lenox



I found this company after I had moved into the townhouse I just purchased.  About a month after I moved in the bathtub finish starting coming off.  I found the receipt from the previous homeowner, and it said that there was a five year guarantee.  I called, and John immediately made an appointment to come and fix it.  The day of the appointment he was very professional, keeping everything as clean as possible while he worked on the tub.  After it was done, he told me about what would ruin the finish again (which I didn't know about).  He stood by his guarantee, and I didn't have to pay for it to be fixed.  The tub looks brand new, and I'm so happy with the work that he did! 

Celeste B. Oak Lawn



Our tub looks beautiful. John was prompt and professional. He explained the procedure; said he would be there for 6 hours and that was exactly the time it took. I appreciated this so I could plan my day. If your tub needs a fresh update at a reasonable price, call John. 

Rachel E. Irving Park, Chicago



For two years I've tried to ignore a rusty tub, but last week I finally relented.

To begin with, John was the easiest person to contact. He didn't even need pictures of the work that had to be done and it was super easy to
schedule a time.

When he arrived he did a quick consultation and got straight to work. He covered everything in my bathroom and even removed a frame hanging on the wall. He had two fans that were easily routed to the outdoors to get rid of any fumes. I was in the room next door and didn't smell a thing.

He got to work right away and was finished spraying the tub in less than two hours. He promised me that the tub would look brand new, and he was RIGHT.

He then went ahead and clean the soap scum off the tiles and even re-caulked some of the grout. He caulked all along the sides of the tub and spout. He cleaned everything and wipe away all the dust. And to make it even better, the next day he came by to install a beautiful shiny drain.

For all of that amazing work, the price was unbelievably reasonable. Like someone had said before, he is a guy with real integrity who is friendly and will do business in an honest and dedicated professional manner.

John's work is magic. I can't stop smiling every time I look at my tub - I can't believe it's the same thing! This is the guy to get if you want to redo your bathtub. He's truly wonderful! 

Emily A. Beverly, Chicago



Our bath tub looks amazing. We took down the sliding doors the previous owner had and after John sprayed our tub, you can't even tell sliding doors were ever in place! John was very nice and helpful. His price was very fair. I have already referred him to multiple people. He took his time to make our tub perfect! Thank you so much!! We appreciate everything! 

Denice S. Glendale Heights, IL



I'd give six stars to Spray That Tub if I could. Before I selected this contractor, I talked with 5-6 others. After a few emails back and forth, the others stopped following up with me, but John always replied and answered my questions. He was the only one who let me come see one of his jobs in progress, which I requested. Seeing his work with my own eyes clinched it.

He came when he said he would, even helped me remove and reinstall the shower door. He also installed a great new toe-touch drain. The tub is shiny and looks flawless, which will help sell the house.

I spent a lot of time up front learning about tub refinishing, and talking with contractors. I hope this review helps other homeowners benefit from my due diligence, and save some time talking with multiple contractors.  

Shigeyo H. Lincoln Park, Chicago



I can say nothing, but great.
My place is in Northside. It took John for almost 2 hours to get here. He informed me with his estimate arrival time and arrived as he said he would.
I am very satisfied with his work: cleaning the tubs, preparation, spraying, calking and clean up after work. He suggested to replace the over flow cover and he went to the store and bought it. I had to leave the house and left him alone to continue to work. I totally trusted him.
I gave 5 star for his promptness, clean work and good results, conciseness, consideration,  reliability and honesty.